Clara Henry is a French artist, dancer and performer. From the age of five she started doing ballet and contemporary dance in the Conservatoire of Nancy in France.

In 2009 she started to produce herself as a dancer mainly in the north of France and in Paris. As a dancer and choreographer, she worked for different Companies (T.E.C.K, Willi Dorner, Brice Kapel, Maztek, Micantis, loldanse true Labodanse, INRS/Myriam Gourfink) and took part in the production of dance videos, performances and short films (ENSAD Paris, La Fémis). After graduation at the International School of Theatre Jacques LECOQ in 2014, she moved to Brussels, Belgium, to continue her work.

There, she continued her researches as a dancer, scenographer and sculptress in the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts of Brussels and ISAC, while associating with international theater companies such as a Good Dog Theatre Co. She worked as an acrobatic dancer with T&T and the Flying Circus Cie (Chassepierre 2015, La fête des Saltimbanques 2015 ); with Yves-Noel Genod and Charlotte Vanden Eynde. She created her own physical theater company, the Silex CompanyShe recently worked with Ariane MNOUCHKINE, Théâtre du Soleil.

She is the leading role of Maria-Clara VILLA LOBOS’s new production (Cie/XL Production) Alex in Wasteland, and new member of the Jordi L. VIDAL Company for the new production, La Rencontre.